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Application Workshop 2016

Thursday, June 2

University Main Building / video call
9:00-10:20 Presentations by applicants, room U10-146
T.S. (6) Enhance the DCJ model with positional constraints
L.P. (8) Interactive relevance determination for metabolomics analysis
K.L. (10) RNA secondary structure prediction with base triplets
Y.L. (11) Spatial metabolomics: Analysis of multimodal bioimage data in medical research
10:20-12:00 Interviews, room U10-116

Sunday, June 5

7pm: Welcome Dinner at Restaurant Bernstein, Niederwall 2 (Applicants and faculty only)

The Bernstein is next to “Jahnplatz”, which has an underground tram station. All lines stop here (if you choose the correct direction, of course). From the hotel, it it should be a 5-minutes walk. If you get lost, just ask. Anybody in Bielefeld knows the “Jahnplatz”. Look for the shop “TK Maxx” (white letters on red background). Behind the right-hand corner of this building, you find the entrance to the restaurant. You have to take the elevator to the top level.

Monday, June 6

University Buildung X
8:00-8:30 Welcome (meet and greet, setting up), room X-E0-218
8:30-10:10 Presentations by applicants, room X-E0-218
R.M. (1) Applying succinct data structures to massive sequence clustering
Q.S. (7) Hybrid assembly strategies for microbial and viral metagenomes
I.D. (12) Using de Bruijn graphs for DNA read quality control
J.W. (12) Using de Bruijn graphs for DNA read quality control
F.K. (4) Duplication-aware ancestral genome reconstruction
10:10-10:40 Break, restaurant Nordlicht
10:40-12:00 Presentations by applicants, room X-E0-218
O.Z. (3) Causal data analysis
M.H. (3) Causal data analysis
K.T. (2) Biomedical network analysis using higher Petri nets
K.W. (9) Large-scale storage, analysis and integration of metabolomics data
12:00-13:00 Lunch, restaurant Nordlicht
University Main Buildung
13:15-16:15 Interviews, room U10-146
Common room: U10-155
16:15-17:45 Faculty meeting, room U10-146


  • Please contact the supervisor(s) for further reading and discussing the perspective project.
  • 15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes questions/discussion. Since we have a tight schedule, stay in time!
  • Shortly present your CV (one slide should be enough): Where/what did you study? What is your background background? Research interest? …
  • Main focus on your previous scientific work - usually your Master's project.
  • A few minutes about the prospective PhD project.
  • A laptop will be provided. Your slides should be in PDF or PowerPoint format.


The following page from the University's website helps you to find the campus, the buildings and rooms, but also gives hints on how to get to Bielefeld itself:

Arriving at Bielefeld Hbf (main station), exit the building towards the city center; you should see a white buildung (Hotel “Bielefelder Hof” - not your hotel!) in front of you (if you see a Cinemaxx, you are on the wrong side!). Cross the street to get to the underground tram (Stadtbahn / U-Bahn) station.

  • To go to the University, take tram line 4 towards “Universität / Lohmannshof”. (You need a ticket for Zone 1 for 2.30 Euros)
  • To go to Hotel Arcadia, take any tram line towards “Rathaus”, “Senne”, “Sieker”, “Stieghorst” and get out at “Rathaus”. (Just two stops. A short distance ticket “K” is sufficient, 1.50 Euros.) Instead of the tram, you can also choose a 15 minutes walk trough the city center.

Hotel Arcadia

The hotel is located in the city center next to the old town and close to the tram. Check-in: 24/7

Niederwall 31-35, 33602 Bielefeld
Phone: +49 521 5253 0, Fax: +49 521 5253 444


In case you visit us in Bielefeld, accommodation will be provided by us (two nights: Sun/Mon/Tue). We will reimburse economy flight / train tickets. You will have to pay everything by yourself first. :!: Please note that it is necessary to keep all bills, tickets, boarding passes and receipts for the reimbursement in retrospect. You have to hand in the original tickets, so do not use e-tickets / smartphone tickets etc.

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