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As the term international research training group already implies, this program is not only a compilation of research projects, but aims at training young researchers to become successful academics. The scope of our qualification program can be divided into three main parts.

  • Since our program is international, a main focus is on exchange of researchers, both students and senior researchers.
  • The terms research and training are catered to by teaching in the form of attending lectures and seminars, but also teaching assistance. Specific courses for the new program will also be designed, most of which as part of a co-teaching program between Bielefeld University and SFU. Besides research oriented seminars, the curriculum also comprises soft skill courses.
  • Research and training are performed in a group. To foster this, workshops and retreats are organized in which the ideas and results of the students are presented and discussed with their colleagues and faculty. Social events encourage a collaborative atmosphere in the group.
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