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Bilateral Workshop

Our annual Bielefeld-Vancouver bilateral workshop is probably the largest single activity of the joint program. It switches between places from year to year. Here as many faculty and students from both sides as possible will participate and also guest speakers are invited.

The workshop program usually includes:

  • presentation of scientific results (talks, posters) by all members of the program,
  • invited guest lectures,
  • individual meetings of advisory committees with their students,
  • joint faculty meetings,
  • application workshop (see below).

Bielefeld Retreat

Each year in fall, there is a scientific retreat at a location near Bielefeld, where all local and visiting students will present the current status of their projects to fellow students and faculty. In an embedded faculty meeting, the progress of each individual student is discussed to enable important feedback.

Apart from the scientific merits, the retreat will also contain social and cultural activities building a basis for joint project work, long-term research relationships and corporate identity.

Application Workshop

Promising candidates for a doctorate are invited to an application workshop to introduce themselves and to present their scientific background, progress and perspectives. Afterwards, applicants will be interviewed by the faculty. Usually, also some faculty from the partner institutions participate.

If possible with regard to deadlines, the application workshop is organized and conducted jointly with the Vancouver partners, and embedded into the bilateral workshop (see above).

Mini Workshop

A PhD student organizes a small (one day) scientific workshop on a topic related to his PhD project, where a few external guests are invited. These as well as local speakers present and discuss their work. The workshops are kept private enough to be “open vizor” without any publishing objections and accessible for anyone. This format promotes networking for all participants, in particular the organizing PhD student. They also gain experience in organization, communication, etc.

Mini Workshops realized

  • BioData Visualization and Subcellular Localization
  • Data Structures in Bioinformatics
  • Models for DNA and RNA structure analysis
  • Storage, Search and Annotation of Multiple Similar Genomes

See Events for all workshops.

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