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DiDy Winter Retreat 2015/16

  • November 23/24
  • Bring your own sauna towels!
  • We'll probably have a campfire, so bring:
    • warm cloths, and
    • shoes suitable for wet meadows.

Draft program

Monday, November 23

(09.00) (Meet in Common Room, Departure)
10.00 Arrival, Check-in
11.00 Welcome, Liren Huang: “Spark application for fragment recruitment”
11.30 Markus Lux: “Automated contamination detection in single-cell sequencing”
12.00 Jia Yu: “High performance computation in comparative genomics”
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Nicole Althermeler: “Ancestral lines under selection: Linking population genetics and phylogenetics”
14.00 Tina Zekic: “Functional analysis of a pan-genome”
14.30 Georges Hattab: “Computational image analysis of noisy bacterial lineage data”
15.00 Group Photo, Coffee break
15.40 Omar Castillo: “Combining sequence similarity and gene context / gene clusters”
16.00 Damianos Melidis:“Open questions for DCJ with positional constraints”
16:20 End of talks
16:30 Faculty Meeting
17.00 Preparation of BBQ (about 5-6 people)
19.00 BBQ
20.30 Games, Sauna, Campfire, Stockbrotbacken, etc.

Tuesday, November 24

from 8.00 Breakfast
9.30 Lu Zhu: “Human protein sub-cellular localization prediction based on protein-protein interaction networks”
10.00 Michael Sammeth: “An efficient method to link alternative splicing events to changes in functional protein domains” (joint work with Vitor Coelho)
10.45 Coffee Break
11.15 Poster Session (Guillaume Holley, Nina Luhmann, Benedikt Brink, Benedikt Löwes, Markus Lux, Madis Rumming)
12.15 Field report: Vancouver, Cambridge
12.45 Lunch
14.00 Departure

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